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In 2016, I ran for trustee in a very close race, losing by only 37 votes.  I am compelled to try again.  Not only do I want to be part of the solution to provide the citizens of Houston with the highest quality public education available, my competitor from the 2016 race has failed her leadership test.  I am the leader who will work to ensure that:

  1. every student has access to a great education—we deserve that in the 4th largest city in the country;
  2. our neighborhood schools are allowed to excel without micro-management and interference from the central office;
  3. HISD attracts, retains, and rewards our best teachers—Their compensation should not be based solely on seniority;
  4. HISD works with business leaders and businesses to enhance HISD’s collaborations with the community for the benefit of all students; and
  5. HISD becomes a better steward of taxpayer money.

I believe in accountability at all levels of our HISD system.  From the youngest Pre-K children to teachers to principals to the trustees, results matter.  Leadership matters, and I am a proven leader.