Rod Paige Endorses John Luman for HISD

Former U. S. Secretary of Education, President of the HISD Board of Trustees, and Superintendent of HISD, Rod Paige, endorsed John Luman for HISD Trustee VII.

Under Dr. Paige’s leadership in the 1990’s HISD took bold steps to reform the district through decentralization, accountability at all levels, and a focus on student instruction. Teachers were paid competitive salaries and charter schools were started to encourage competition for students.  In the years since Dr. Paige’s tenure, HISD has been on a steep backslide away from these sound and effective policies.

“I am proud to endorse John Luman.  We share a common vision of what changes are necessary to ensure that HISD is providing an outstanding education to every student.  John will be a budget hawk, he will work to decentralize the district, fight for accountability at all levels, and ensure that the students’ interests are put above all others.  I have seen this sound approach work extremely well in HISD, and it can again.”

John Luman is an engineer, an intellectual property attorney, and an active member of our community, which includes serving actively at Tanglewood Middle School in Houston ISD.  John and his wife, Rebecca, live in Briargrove with their two school-aged children, Ariana and Zane.  To learn more about John and his campaign, please visit

Early voting begins Monday, October 23rd.

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